Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mail Call

What could this be?

Real Dogenal Tweed from Ireland...

be still my heart....

The camera can’t even begin to capture the depth and richness of this color. For those of you who have seen the CPH pattern in the Knitscene magazine, I can describe it by saying that appears to be the same vibrant green as the model was wearing. Up close the yarn has flecks of yellow, olive, black, and teal while the “main” strand is a blend of shades of green. This gives the yarn a dual life. From afar it is an assertive green, but up close it’s a party. I would be swatching right now, but the interchangeable needle set I bought hasn’t arrived yet. I am resisting the urge to drive to the store right now to get some. Be strong. Be strong.

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