Monday, February 26, 2007

Retail Therapy

Yesterday we spent hours painting and reassembling the upstairs kitchen. Three screws in the door for each hinge, two hinges, two screws for each handle, four screws to attach each door to the cabinet, two screws for the clasp in the cabinet, one screw for the clasp in the door. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. My hands were burning from fatigue, but the final result was worth it.
I wouldn’t normally consider it a compliment to have someone describe a room in my home as sterile, but sterile is a big improvement over the original condition of this kitchen. I thought of taking some more detailed “before” pictures but no one really needs to see years of old house / daycare kitchen crud, right?

We were rather in a rush to get finished since our house was going to be appraised today. In fact, some very nice people came a little over an hour ago and cruised through the place. After all fixing and cleaning and fussing I am glad to have THAT done. The house will get appraised one more time before the school district makes an offer, but it looks like we have some breathing room before that happens.

At this point I have accepted that the school district is going to buy this house. We knew that the school next door was at the top of the district’s bond list when we signed the papers. Emotionally though it’s hard to think of leaving this place that we have been making our own. Even though it is exciting to be looking for another house (and I am excited! We've even made an offer... shhh), it all adds up to a little bit of stress.

So, um, the online shopping pace seems to have picked up around here. I have been cruising the destash blog and ebay, and a plot to knit my first sweater is well under way (some of may have guessed from the recently added KAL button.) Also, a few other little projects might crop up as the yarn was just such. a. steal. The problem I’m having (at least this is what I’m telling myself) is that stuff one buys online just takes so long arrive. I mean, if the sweater supplies were already here, I wouldn’t be spending hours pouring over more patterns and more yarn for more projects, right? Humor me here.

I do want to unveil one fun little retail therapy item that *has* arrived though

Washi Pendant Necklace

Photos are by the Etsy seller, littleputbooks. Isn’t it just too cute? It’s made from a recycled scrabble tile. Well, enough rambling :)

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