Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess What?


Somebody's kind husband drove her to Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.
*sqee!* More to come...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My New Hybrid

(voice over) Previously on Noteworthy Knits... Rosina finished her mother's birthday shawl, but wondered if she had enough time to finish her own handknit for the event.

Well, the answer was... sort of. Knitting like mad during the 8 hour drive, I arrived at the point where I needed to decide what sort of edging I was going to put on the shawl. Not wanting to duplicate the Icarus I made for the birthday girl, I determined to knit the Icarus body until I figured out what I wanted to do for the edge. Long story short, I bound off and blocked it the night before the party, just as it was. It was *just* big enough to pin around my shoulders. Later I undid my bind-off and knit the edging. If I had been very clever, I could have slightly altered the body of Icarus so I could smoothly transition to the Shetland border. As it was I had to decrease two stitches within between every diagonal rib.

hybrid shawl

I figured that during blocking I could recover the triangle shape. While I was able to do so (with LOTS of stretching) the edge of the shawl tends to ripple and will not stay blocked into points. No great tragedy there, although if I ever make another, I'll make it easier on myself and set up better for the transition.

hybrid shawl

I'm glad I kept knitting, this size is much more my style.


One of my favorite thing about this shawl is how the sheen of the yarn and the pull of the pattern
produce this optical checkerboard. I'm hoping to get a lot of mileage out of this lovely wrap :)

(PS -For anyone yearning to see details about yarn or needle size please see my Ravelry project page.)