Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goes Around Comes Around

Or... A Disappearing UFO and Two Gifts

I've been hinting at what would be in this post, but I wanted the three day weekend to put the finishing touches on everything. Drum roll please....

A friend of mine got a classy watch. I admired it and wished for a similar one. She graciously told me where she got it, but requested that I not get an identical one. Alas, when I looked at the watches it was the only one in the collection that caught my fancy. I decided to move on.

She got the watch for me :)

Inspiration for a suitable thank you struck in a rather round about way the other day. I was attempting a Center Square hat from brown Lamb’s Pride worsted and my multi-colored Berroco. It looked like a 70’s era kitchen accessory. I loved the chunky brown ribbing at the edge, but the orange just had to go. Was there anything in the stash that would pair nicely with the brown?

Poking around in the drawer, I found my longest neglected UFO. After I finished my birthday shawl last year, I had some Manos del Uruguay in “woodland” left over. I started knitting it together with some hemp twine to make a purse. Although I was very satisfied with the stitch definition and the overall sturdiness, the shape itself wasn’t charming me. It was going to be one of those purses that always hangs in the closet and doesn’t get any attention. Not big enough, not secure enough and I was tired of knitting the four foot long, 1.5 inch wide strap (can we all just agree that knitted straps should not be attempted?).

Clearly time to move on.

Yes. Ugly no more.

I even stitched in a synthetic fleece lining embroidered with the recipient’s initial.

H: Best wishes on your European adventure. I hope this will keep your ears warm for years to come.

This weekend I also finished off a set of coasters for a friend in my bible study. Gotta love that eyelash.

I am stash bustin! Woot!


Anonymous said...

I made it to your blog! and I love the hat! I didnt know you were so talented :)


Octopus Knits said...

Lovely job on the hat -- I love the manos color variegation with that pattern. Just gorgeous!