Saturday, May 15, 2010



My sweet in-laws sent me these. They are the flowers that come by UPS, still all closed up. It really is like magic, you just add water and plant food and you have a bouquet. They are just blooming away!

That Was Random

So this is probably not the post you have all been waiting for, but I was up at 2:41 last night with a strange sensation in my ankles after lots of tossing and turning, so I'm just odd today!

I've been thinking about the last Fringe Episode: ***** SPOILERS*****

1. Continuitwhat?
Um, if the other Olivia looks so different, how was Olivia prime able to so easily flash over in her place last season? Or did everyone in alternate Fringe division just happen to have a change of hair-cut and dress code in the past year?

Also, it was SO much work to bring Walternate over, but then no problem to beam him and Peter back. "They have our coordinates?" Really?

In the much more advanced alternate reality, Charlie still got attacked by a monster, but they couldn't come up with a cure? Guess there's no substitute for Walter prime!

2. Cortexophan
On Polite Dissent it was mentioned that it seemed odd that this drug would look like diet Pepsi. Now we know why: if you happen to see that someone has a brown IV (as Peter does when he wakes up) you think you know what is in it. (Please let it be Cortexophan, please, please).

3. Normally skeptical Peter seems rather docile lately.

4. Poor expendable Cortexophan children. I was happy to see them back (and true to character). Didn't last long did it?

5. Anyone else sad that Pyro-girl didn't even get the satisfaction of taking one bad guy with her?

6. Anyone else feel like a lot more of this episode than usual needed subtitles?