Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Lovely Thing

Saw this necklace on Etsy. *sigh*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Try, Try Again

Have been trying to rescue some nice yarn that was not quite the right color...


New color on left, old color on right. This is with acid dye.

Overdyed II

The purple is quite dark, but nicer in life than in the photo. I suppose a scale is in order if more exact dye results are desired... perhaps for my birthday?

I have also cast on for a new fall shawl (not the one I was making batts for - that is a story for another day). The fiber is hand-dyed, so I notice there is going to be some (big?) differences as I go along... but I hope it all looks as lovely as this part...

Plum Crazy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm home mending from some virus that declared war on my lungs. Along with the napping, fluid drinking, and doctor's office calling, there have been some moments of fun...

Plum Pie

5 Plum Pie
Hello Yarn Fiber Club (begged)
4.o oz, yardage... um 200?

Before I was stricken, I spun this from the fold. Probably not an orthodox choice, but I found it easier to spin a fine(r) yarn from a large diameter top that way. The color transitions are long and have that wonderful quality of being somewhat barber-poled... I think you can see here a green bit with a brown bit... that makes a long stretch of green/brown yarn. Yummy. A kindly raveler sold this 4 oz, and another kindly raveler sold me a second 4 oz when I realized I had half the yardage I expected. The kindness of knitters to the rescue! If I have energy enough to be decisive, I will cast on either a Baktus or Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl this evening.

My lovely goodies also arrived from my swap partner:

Pretty Pictures!

Thank you, Paula! They are right next to the dining room table where I can look at them every day.

And there is also a cute little sweater that I finally found a moment to get buttons onto:


Babies grow fast, so it's good to get this finished a few months before my friend is due!