Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fetching On A Cloudy Day

Yesterday I started working on the Fetching wrist warmers using a ball of Karabella’s Aurora 8 from the stash (hmmmm must have neglected to mention that in the orange post). Although is a relatively small and simple knit, there is a bit of suspense involved. The pattern states that “one pair takes an entire skein with less than a yard of yarn left over… but every knitter is different.” Aurora 8 has the same weight and yardage as Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, but that is no guarantee that I will be able to eek it out. We shall see.

While Aurora 8 is the softest wool I have ever knitted, it is also the most elastic, which has taken some adjusting. Initially, I cast on with size 6 needles as the pattern recommended. Ha, ha. The second time with size 5’s was more successful. As you can see though, my “knitting on” cast on flared out quite a bit from the body of the knitting. This was only accentuated after the cable rounds which drew the knitting tighter.

After taking the above pictures I frogged what I had so far. For the next go I think I will cast on and work one round with 4’s then switch to the 5’s. I'm lovin' the cables, if I can just avoid the rolling edge...

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