Friday, February 16, 2007

House Update

Hello hello… sorry for the silence this week. Our town recently passed a bond to rebuild the school near our house, and we are in the “expansion zone” which means we are looking for a new place to live. Between substitute teaching and scouring the housing market there hasn’t been much time for other things! I did manage to get this curtain put up in our guest bedroom though. Friends and family who visit will no longer have to use flattened cardboard boxes to cover the window. (It’s safe to visit now guys).

The pattern is a little more funky than I would use in my own bedroom, but the rest of the guest room has blue trim that just matches the fabric. I’ve discovered that in decorating sometimes one should “just go with it.” Even with colors I wouldn’t normally choose, an apt accent piece or two that ties things together can make a space work for me.

Today I also raided the change cup to buy a few finishing touches for a knitted gift I’m working on. The poignant story of love, tragedy and redemption will be revealed soon!

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