Monday, February 12, 2007

First Blog FO

I finished Fetching today. Despite my small needle cast-on the things were still determined to roll up at the edge. I turned to the handywoman’s secret weapon – stretch bead cord. Just ran some around the bottom and tied it off. I don’t like the tourniquet feel so I kept it pretty loose, but it still cuts down on the flair. Imagine my surprise when I dropped by one of my favorite blogs and discovered this. This leads to some interesting questions… if you read a person’s blog do you somehow get on the same “knitting wave length” with him or her? Or does one naturally select other bloggers with whom one shares certain tastes? Anyway, do I even need to post pictures? I mean, those pretty much look EXACTLY like mine (sniff, sniff).

Yes, of course I’ll post pictures… it’s the first blog FO.

Maybe too many pictures.

Last one, really.

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