Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

The second appraisal happened on Thursday. I was going to spend a bunch more time fussing with all the little details around the house that we hadn’t finished (trim painting, light switch and outlet covers etc.), but I got called on Wednesday afternoon and asked if I would like to sub Social Studies indefinitely - starting on Thursday morning. So adjusting to a new schedule, a new set of 100+ students and a new subject area has been keeping me busy. When I came home after my first day I saw this.

All the dishes washed. True love :)

There have been a few exciting other exciting events at the M. residence this week. First of all a pair of enormous speakers arrived.

These 200 lb, 54 inch beauties were double boxed with peanuts, bubble wrapped and sent by freight from the East coast. We used a good deal of the cargo space in our Suburban when we went to pick them up from the shipping terminal. For the record, they were worth all the effort. They make a CD sound like the band is doing a live, personal performance in your living room.

A considerably smaller package holding my interchangeable needle set arrived yesterday.

Time to start swatching! This weekend we finally have a bit of a chance to relax. With the appraisals over, we aren’t very motivated to work on the house so we just get to rest…ahhh…

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