Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now With 47.64% More Cuteness*



It's been a while but I'm back! This week we decided to remodel our bathroom before the next appraisal of our home. Also on the list: complete exterior paint, complete interior paint upstairs, clean and organize a gazillion tons of our stuff. As you may have already guessed, such a monumental feat was hopeless. It happened anyway.

Armed with optimism, good cheer, and many paintbrushes, a plethora of people from our small church descended on our home. They painted, they plumbed, they mopped. They brought dinner and amused us with hours or camaraderie and scintillating conversation. When the vast tide receded, it left upon the shore... a house as cute as a button. I don't think I can find adequate words to express my gratitude.

I'm working on a complete reveal set of photos a la "Extreme Home Makeover" so y'all can see the interior changes too, but first I need to put the finishing touches on the bathroom. Just a few. more. feet. of. trim.

So you don't think I've been slackin' in the knitting department...

I swatched for a little summer project to celebrate.

And something else luscious arrived:

More to come on all of the above :)
*According to a market analysis by a group of leading real-estate agents. Okay, maybe not cuteness, but market value. Pretty much the same thing as far as we can tell. And while we're at it, yes, cuteness is a word... and so is gazillion.

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Senora Fuerte said...

It looks like you are having good success with Elann's Lara yarn... How is it on the lace? I just finished a project with it and I found it to be a very splitty, frustrating yarn... but you seem to be managing quite well. What are your thoughts?