Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I *heart* FO's

"Technicolar Heart" by Jim Dine.

When it was announced that the giant blue heart covered with tools and dismembered hands and feet was purchased as a permanent addition to the WSU campus, it led to a lively debate about the nature of art a publicized snit between the art department and the student body.

Summation of Student Argument: “It’s big, ugly, and weird. It obviously cost lots of money. And it’s prominently located in the middle of campus where visitors notice it and enquire. We hate it.” (a versatile argument which the student body could also apply to some large sports programs)

Art professor counter-argument: Ha! We finely got your attention. Yes, it is provocative. That’s what art is about! (a definition of art that could easily lead one to categorize Donald Trump as such)

Logic, why don’t they teach logic at these schools.

In the spirit of educated discourse, the students have hacked the heart by listing it on ebay and wrapping it up as “trash.” Say what you will, they’re getting their money’s worth.

But we went to the heart of campus (ahem) because it seemed the perfect backdrop for an overdue FO photo shoot. This is my glamorous little sister posing with her hand knit arm warmers.

Project Specifications:

Yarn – Avanti 100% merino super wash DK sock yarn in colour 12, lot 4205. Held double. This colorway will always make me think of pirates – aqua blue, black, bright yellow, red and tropical water green… perhaps in part because I knit most of the second wrist warmer while chaperoning the anime club’s viewing of Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. Colors personally selected by aforementioned gift recipient.

Needles – Size 5 Bamboo DPN’s

Pattern: My own, based on gauge and arm measurements. I originally designed it more as a gauntlet that would end right and the wrist and be laced up for a snug fit. However they do seem quite stylish worn "open" with the resulting flap over the back of the hand.

No more photos for a bit now - my camera is in for service. Let's hope it's nothing fatal. It's too bad because there are great things to photograph (stash for ravelry (SCORE!!), a new knitting book and lovely iris from my MIL). But I guess I could find other things to do... like knit :)

Edit: sorry, had paragraph problems again. Had to resort to HTML to get it fixed!

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Octopus Knits said...

Awesome photo shoot! I especially love the hand on hand. The armwarmers are great -- and the colors go so well with the crazy heart sculpture.