Thursday, May 17, 2007

Don't Spare Us

A kind gift from one of Mr. M's co-workers. We're enjoying the fresh stuff right now by the bundle.

Yes, I promised more interior house pictures but I'm putting that off because I'm putting off finishing the bathroom (procrastination central right here). Trim painting takes soooooo looooooong and I need another can of paint, and it is really only another 15-25 bucks but it has to stop somewhere!!!! House is sucking up the yarn money!!! *deep breath*
And also there are much better things to do. One of my dear friends recently moved closer so I got to go up and see her yesterday and meet her baby. He is so cute. He has his mommy's blue eyes. We spent a whole day just hanging out and talking. Ah, it was great! We also got a chance to check out a LYS that I haven't been to before. Yes, that is a wall of sock yarn on their web page. And there is more than is pictured. Someday I gotta try this sock thing. It would be a great way to indulge my pension for variegated yarn, which tends to look better skeined than knit up into large items. I was tempted by this in the color "slate" since I am thinking of using some sock yarn to try my first shawl. (Yeah, remember this? I tried to start with some dark, tiny, fuzzy yarn for my first lace knitting and seriously messed with me. Need to see those YO's clearly so I can get the hang of it!) Wow. I am pinging around like a ping-pong ball today... must be the 130 people under 18 that I spent my day with... bit overstimulating.
Ummm... yeah, so I want to try a shawl with some sock yarn and I might even have caved if I had not just seen "Teal over Aquamarine" in Sundara's monthly limited edition yarn update. For the record I was at my computer when she uploaded. I had an email all filled out and ready to go, but I had self control and held back. Even thought it might have been the perfect yarn. And it will never come again. I STUCK WITH THE BUDGET. So am I going to splurge on some pretty, but mass produced yarn that I can get any-old-time after passing that up? No... You know what though, I'm trusting that when I get around to this shawl thing I will find the right yarn, one that speaks to me. Okay, ringing off before this gets any more pathetic...
Edit: sorry - reposted after blogger ate my paragraph breaks. Rant is even less coherent without them.

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