Saturday, March 17, 2007

So, Where Was I?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In honor of America’s favorite Irish icon (who wasn’t actually Irish) I bring you a green FO.

This is a version of Calorimetry modified to account for Malabrigo’s different gauge. I purposely made it deep enough to come down over my ears and still cover most of my head since I like having warm ears. Of course this means that I need to sew in a little bit of lining… or I’ll have nice warm itchy ears every time I wear it.
Had I the chance to make another (which I might, given the gorgeousness of the yarn and the practicality of the final product) I would make it just an inch and a half longer. As you can see the button pulls a bit.

There hasn’t been a post for a while because I’ve been busy making money hand over fist ;) After a week and a half teaching in the Social Studies position I mentioned in my last post, the English department at the same high school suddenly needed a long term substitute. Since I’m more qualified to teach English they switched me over. Needless to say, I’m very excited to be teaching a subject that I really enjoy and feel I know something about. But that did result in a lot of meetings and planning and a whole new situation to figure out.

During the next couple months while I’m teaching full time, my goal will be to post once (maybe twice) a week. I don’t want to abandon the blog, but I have been known to give up eating and bathing in order to keep up with lesson planning… and the blog is gonna go way before that.
So far things haven’t totally taken over my time. I was able to finish weaving in the ends on this gift for a friend…

And start a scarf.

The striping effect and the drape make this a fun scarf yarn. Once again, my dislike of the slightest itchy sensation makes itself apparent. (My mom doesn’t call me “The Princess and the Pea” for nothing). I plan on using the alpaca silk for the center where it will touch my neck.

One last happy thought. I – own – the – mitten – book.


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