Monday, March 19, 2007


The crabapple tree down the street suddenly burst into blossom.

Spring is lovely here.


Anonymous said...

It looks really lovely! How are you doing? I heard that the fam is coming to visit this weekend. Should be fun!

Anonymous said...

Third visit, Third (different) commentator, hummmm. Anyways, life is good, Your pictures are great, and God is awesome!! As much as I am enjoying your blog, it is frustrating to find the beginning of where I left off last and then have to scroll up, messes with my brain =)) oh well, moving on from that. Not being able to getting to knitting since Grandma lived so far away, many of your terms are left to my imagination (think what I might be thinking with the unfamiliar term "frogging") some of it is hard to understand.

Good to hear work is good and steady =)) Love and Miss you

A far off Mouse named Carolyn