Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Months

fishy mobile

big, toothless smiles
a full body wiggle of joy
crying to communicate displeasure
much, much less screaming (as long as mommy avoids soy, wheat, dairy, garlic, onions & peppers... etc. etc.)
finally able to operate those hands
can such on the thumb, rather than the whole hand
trying to crawl, but moving backwards
rolling from front to back, sometimes
loves singing, silly faces, silly noises
desperately wants to chew on everything... and sometimes finds it easies to fall forward on a toy with an open mouth rather than grab at it
has slept 5 hours in a row (at least once)
doesn't need to be walked every night
wants to play, wants to watch, wants to go with you everywhere
still has most of that hair


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