Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Fast They Grow


Finished the Bee's new sweater last night. 300 yds of sportweight yarn, 5 miss-matched vintage glass buttons. Shown here with her first sweater (in sock weight yarn) for scale. Both are from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. I was sloppy about gauge, so I'll be needing to make another one soon. This one fits her perfectly right now, which we all know means it won't last long.


This pattern really is genius. The best part is that there is almost no sewing up at the end, which means this sweater is mostly knitting - not fiddling around. And after knitting it 4 times, it's finally sinking in how it works. I can see were I am, so I don't have to worry that a slipped post it note will result in being stalled for a week while I try to figure everything out again.

I wish the Bee had one of these for every day of the week. Wonder if my knitting stamina could hold out long enough to make that wish come true...

BSU buttons

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