Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back from the Dead Again

I love TV shows where death is not an obstacle to a character's return... anything from the old fashioned "I jumped out of the train before the bomb went off" to "I'm dead but you can talk to me anyway because the rules of time don't apply to you any more" to something truly excellent like "I'm a copy stuck in a robot's body" or "this part of me lives in your mind due to our shared consciousness." (Care to name those sources sci-fi buffs?)

I'm living a new life over here... life with a baby, but perhaps it won't be an obstacle to my return.

One thing I should mention is that Mr. M and I have decided to limit how much we put out there about baby Bee. For now, if you want to see pictures of her, the best ways will be facebook or flickr (you'll have to be a friend on flickr because baby content will be protected). So drop me a line if you want in on that. We want to share her with our friends and family far away, but we also want more privacy than the world wide web affords. I know other people who have followed a different path quite happily, but this is right for us right now.

For a while, this choice has had me stumped. My brain is 95% baby, 4% work and 1% crafts. So I felt like I didn't know what to say here if I couldn't just post 100 pictures a day of the cutest baby ever the Bee, but I do want to keep this space, and I guess we will have to see what it sort of blog it becomes.

I have been knitting a bit while the Bee nurses, so right now I have about 70% of a BSJ out of this lovely Hello Yarn Fat Sock, colorway "Valentine."

sock yarn

The Bee just outgrew her first mama made sweater (at about 3.5 months & 14lbs), so the rush is on to make another one!

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