Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Review

shawl pin

2 last minute trees. Avatar in 3D. Christmas Eve service. Newly made hat & mittens drying on the heater just in time. Thoughtful gifts from family. Secret family recipes. Coffee with childhood friend. Lucky visit to bookstore. Poetry books. Holding very cute baby. Shopping for clothes to match knitting projects. Cross country skiing & wienerschnitzel with mom. Russian shawl pin. Snow on the trees. Lost cell phone. New cell phone. Found cell phone. Chocolate overdose. B & B. Block building contest. Resolution to eat new mushrooms. Prayer for the new year. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle... until 2:00 am. More coffee with friends. Tired. Reunited. Fin.

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fresitamariana said...

I like this post :) the cell phone part makes me laugh! sounds like a fun break!