Sunday, August 12, 2007

Distant Shores

I have been absent from the blog a little longer than expected, but I return with good news. Our
vacation was prolonged because the talented Mr. M got a job interview as soon as we returned from NY - so we took a few more days off and headed to the coast. It all went well and it looks like we will be relocating there ASAP. We are very excited about this opportunity - it really is Mr. M's dream job - but it was a difficult decision to move further from our family. Thank goodness for airplanes! We will be able to turn the 10 hour drive into a 4 hour trip. So many other things are still up in the air though - the sale of our home here, finding housing there, packing, moving, and a new job for me. Our life together is never boring!

In crafty news: I Andean plied a single on my drop spindle and it came out nice and squishy and soft! I have about .5 oz here, as that seems to be all I can do on the spindle at one time. I was aiming for worsted weight and I though I would probably be a little on the light side, but the yarn really bloomed. I have another single that is "relaxing" a bit. I was thinking that I need to not spin the singles so much because they seem to kink up. However, I like how my first single plied. Overall I think consistency with the thickness of the yarn will really help me - then I won't have so much variation in the amount of twist needed.

It is about bed time here (I know, I know... I'm getting old and boring) so I'll leave you with a shot of some great vintage buttons that I got at a flea market in Ithaca, NY. There are some glass buttons, shell buttons, and even bone buttons in there. All for a dollar! The lady also had a big box for only $10, but I chickened out thinking of all the things I already have to move. That may prove to be the one that got away...

I'll try to post tomorrow, I'm looking forward to sharing some great pictures of new knitting books, new roving and some blog contest loot that all arrived while I was out of town.

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Octopus Knits said...

Congratulations and good luck with your move! Your yarn looks very nice and squooshy, and those buttons are a find!