Tuesday, July 31, 2007

100% Spoiler Free

Well, Octopus knits kindly nominated me as a

Ah, shucks :) I'm supposed to nominate some other bloggers of distinction, but I have to admit I read about um... (quickly checks favorites sidebar on web-browser) 60 or so craft blogs (THAT'S where all the time goes!) and I've been seeing these cropping up everywhere so I know it would take some time digging around to figure out I wasn't doing any duplicate nominations AND (is this a run on yet?) I'm about to head out of town... so I'm going to echo Octopus and say how much I enjoy the blog community. You all inspire me! Y'all rock!

I have a little confession to make. The other day I went to the bookstore and was just browsing and I saw a BIG book on the shelf. Just out of curiosity I opened to a random page and started reading. Okay, interesting, but I can walk away. I've heard about this stuff before. But that page stuck with me. I just had to know, even if it was hundreds and hundreds of pages long...

Who was the real Shake-speare? H*rry P*tter fans don't kill me. In college I had two excellent professors for my Shakespeare classes. Opposite in temperament, but both witty, engaging, brilliant, and insightful. We laughed (Shakespeare sonnet set to punk rock guitar) we cried (Macbeth set in the context of the Holocaust... no, it wasn't sad, it was just that bad). We read and read and read and in the end we loved the bard even more. However, these two men could not agree on the identity of Shakespeare. They took opposite sides of the debate. At first I felt that this "looking for the real author" thing was bosh. But now I'm starting to wonder. Sorry Dr. Hamlin.

Anyway, I've got my snacks packed and my new book in hand so it looks like I'm ready for those 11 hours of travel I have coming tomorrow (no knitting, as I am afraid those TSA people will take away my needles). I'll have limited internet access while I'm away - I'll be back August 7th :)

btw - you can visit the web pages of one of those two professors here and here. Lots of great stuff for linguaphiles and curmudgeons.


Octopus Knits said...

The book sounds interesting -- have a good trip!

Herdis said...

FYI - I've never had problems getting my bamboo needles past TSA.