Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Tries & FO

Meet my first yarn. I post this as encouragement to any other beginning spinners out there. I think it has every problem typical of a first try: extremes in thickness - everything from cobweb to bulky, over and under twisted sections, which resulted in both extremes of tension when plying. To top it off I tried to even it out with Navajo plying. Hmmm... note to self, Navajo plying is best for even singles. However, I was happy to see (as I was winding off) that my evenness had improved throughout the single :) Mistakes really are a great way to learn, so I'm finally giving myself permission to make them. The joy of creation has overcome at last.

Book bag with reclaimed bamboo handles, eyelet lining, grosgrain ribbon trim

I think I mentioned that there might be on FO soon... it just turned out to be a sewing FO rather than a knitting one. I realised the other day that my reluctance to seam Orangina was coming from a lingering (previously subconscious) doubt about the ribbing. I tried to twist a column of stitches to avoid the dreaded ribbing gap, but it just made another gap. So I'm swatching different techniques for the ribbing before I tink back again. That lovely lace deserves a nice crisp ribbing to finish it off.

In the meantime I've been having fun replicating one of my favorite book bags in fun summer colors. Two fat quarters was enough to make a bag big enough to hold Fagles' translations of The Iliad and The Odyssey as well as The Children's Homer and my notes for the summer reading club I'm leading for some kids from church. It has been a refreshing reintroduction to teaching -They are so cheerful and curious. Next time I may show them how to use a drop spindle. I think I have an excuse after the recent scenes with Penelope weaving and Helen spinning :)

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Octopus Knits said...

I love your colorful little skein of yarn! The bag is great, too -- what lovely fabric, and the handle really complements it!