Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Blue

Along with the sad moments, there have been some joyous ones too. A friend of my recently had a beautiful little girl, and another friend is expecting a boy. Lots of opportunities for baby knitting :)

robin blanket

Alpaca Baby Shawl knit with Lion Brand's Pound of Love. This blanket already went to the little girl. She has a lovely light blue nursery and I hope this will match.


And this is Columbia/Dorset fiber in the colorway "Deep Water" from Woolthing. As I drafted it the tan and brown reminded me of toasted marshmallows...

baby blue

This isn't the best picture - but the back bobbin shows what happened when I spun from the full thickness of the roving. I got relatively solid, long stripes. The second half I stripped and then randomly pulled into 18-20 inch lengths. That resulted in the softer stripes. They should barber-pole when I ply them. Usually when I love a roving this much... and then the singles this much... I have a hard time loving the plyed result, but I'm already committed and this should keep me from getting a strongly pooling yarn.

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