Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spinning Survey

Merino Fiber

Cosy is asking spinners for their reflections spinning different sheep breeds and preparations of fiber. In her post she asked:

"what have you spun in what preparation? if you’ve spun both top and roving, which did you like better? were either of these farm wool? was there a notable difference between the farm wool and the non farm wool? elaborate or not as much as you would like!"

Breed: Blue-faced Leicester
Preparation: commercial top (Underwater Sunset, Skittles, Insect Wings, Mild Child)
Experience: Of the breed specific top I have spun, most has been BFL. An easy spin, and the final product has some luster.

Breed: Corriedale
Preparation: commercial top
Had one batch that was neppy and semi-felted in the dyeing process. Not very fun, although the final product had a surprising amount of loft. The other lot of top was actually Corriedale X top that I dyed and blended on the drum carder. Spun bulky, that resulted in a fluffy yarn.

Breed: Shetland (Red Velvet)
Preparation: commercial top
A smooth, easy spin.

Breed: Merino
Preparation: commercial top (Verbena)
My only experience was superwash Merino. In retrospect I don’t think I per-drafted enough because the fiber was so fine and fly-away I was afraid to muddle it up. As a result of not pre-drafting enough the final yarn is very dense and thick – but so, so soft!

Preparation: farm, roving (shawl, hat)
Woolly and springy. Light processing made this fiber seem more alive. My favorite so far.

Preparation: farm, roving
Love, love, love the colors. Have found significant variation in the scratchiness of this fiber.

Gotland (samples)
Preparation: commercial top
Spun a pinch from the fold. Seems sturdy and lustrous.
Preparation: farm, pin-drafted
Lofty, textured.

Coopworth (samples)
Preparation: farm, roving?
I sampled two different colors from two different sheep. One was certainly more neppy than the other. I would like to work with more of this.

Cotswold (samples)
Preparation: farm, top
Hairy. But I’d give it another try

I've only been spinning a year, and there is still so much to discover and learn! Right now I have farm Merino (pictured at the top of this post), Mohair, Teeswater locks, Merino x Romney locks, and silk in the spinning queue waiting for me to have the time and inspiration to turn them into something...


Monika said...

I've spun Coopworth yesterday, and it was not a nice experience. I guess it was not well prepared, and even predrafting didn't make a difference.

cosymakes said...

thanks for answering!!