Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Somehow I'm in a nibbling mood these days. Just want small(ish) projects to work on, and a bowl of M&M's to snack on as I do. First up in the queue:

bella's mittens wip

Haven't even seen or read any of the Twil*ght series, but when pictures of Bella's mittens began circulating on the knit blogs I was powerless to resist all that cabled lusciousness. I snapped up some of the soon to be discontinued Cascade 109 (color 1108), and Subliminal Rabbit's nicely done pattern, and it was off to the races. Version one came out just barely too small lengthwise in the hand. I'm moving up to size 7's next, which will put me a tad over (rather than under) gauge.

In the spinning department I'm also snacking:

Sample spinning

This is fiber from the Etsy seller Wildhare who offers wool from happy, well cared for sheep. She also sells samplers of the different fibers she has. I tried 2 oz each from "Stephen" and "Brownie." Both colors are beautiful, although I found the lighter color to be smoother to spin. So many projects, so little time...

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