Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

mom's icarus

Pattern: Icarus, minus one body repeat, following errata as marked on the designer's web site.

icarus point

Yarn: Garnstudio Cotton Viscose, 7 skeins (840 yards)
The rows of yo's in the body didn't block out very open, probably because of the fiber choice, but the rest of the pattern is quite defined. And I could run fishing line down each line of yo's and reblock if I wanted (just don't think it's worth reblocking the beast). Overall I am very pleased with this yarn. It has a wonderful sheen and makes a fabric that is thick, slick, and slightly cool to the touch.

icarus wings

With a shawl though, it's not just how it feels, or how it looks hanging in a window...
it's how the pattern looks on the body too. Design elements can disappear or suddenly become eloquent when worn...

mom's icarus

And this is where I fell in love with Icarus. Wearing it 3/4 wrap style.

Love the shape, love the drape. You're sure you wanted a shawl for your birthday?


Jacki said...

Wow. Totally gorgeous. (imagine my jaw dropping, because it did :)

paula said...

Wow. Ah-MAZ-ing.