Friday, March 14, 2008

Go Ahead, Co-opt my Ethnic Identity

It's okay, I'm willing for everyone to share in St. Patrick's Day. After all, isn't being able to share, adapt and appreciate our different cultural heritages one of the great things about being American? A few ground rules though. Lay off the "Kiss me I'm Irish" T-shirts and green beer, all right? *ahem* A few suggestions for a more thoughtful celebration:
  • The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook: A collection of recipes handed down through the families of Ellis Island immigrants. Along with the expected holiday foods and delicacies this book also provides insight into the everyday food of the poor. Some of the simple recipes made do with very little.
  • Real Irish Soda Bread: an article that explains the origin of Irish soda bread (and, tactfully, why what you're used to isn't the real thing). I used the first recipe to make the dense, crusty, slightly salty loaf above. The buttermilk is a must. Make yourself some today. You won't have room for it Monday with the corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes...
  • Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (this one too) I have fond memories of my dad singing "Paddy Doyle's Boots" at the dinner table. Good times!


LizKnits said...

Ohhh I love soda bread, but even more, wheaten bread. My mom grew up in Ireland and the bread (well actually breakfast in general) is what I love most about food there. Now that I can't eat flour, I wonder if I could make a gluten-free alternative? Thanks for sharing!

Octopus Knits said...