Friday, December 21, 2007


The secret Christmas knitting is coming along nicely, and I'm cruising through the to-do list before we take off to see our families. Well, I guess that makes it sound a bit more like smooth sailing than it has actually felt. In the last week Mr. M and I have both succumbed to a nasty sinus attacking cold. I'd rather pass on the exhaustion and sniffling, but having limited energy has helped me accept (perhaps more quickly than usual) that I had some unrealistic expectations standing between me and this lovely Christmas season. With those out of the way, I can enjoy the few treasured decorations that have made it out, the warm glow of the one garland of Christmas lights, and the big plate of Christmas cookies from the neighbor (um, who I haven't given anything to). With my new laissez faire attitude, would you be surprised to hear that I have also started reading Middlemarch? I think there will be a post musing on the themes of love, marriage and faithfulness but perhaps today I better cut to the crafting content....

vintage skirt, thrifted

So, how about that shawl? I worked my way through some samples, and the Shetland and the batt were a real dream to spin. Once I got it knitted up though.... meh. The fabric just wasn't as visually interesting as I had hoped. Then the dangerous little voice in my head then suggested that it might look nice woven... maybe as a plaid. Where does stuff like this come from? I don't even know how to weave!

Vintage skirt, from Mom

So anyway. Now I have plaid on the brain and I'll probably have to take up Cheri on her offer to teach me to weave on one of the guild's loaners.

Anyone know of some good articles on planning a plaid pattern?

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