Friday, December 7, 2007

Heck or High Water

Gratuitous cat photo

So what has been going on hereabouts? There was a birthday which brought me to a nice balanced feeling age. The actual day was a bit hectic as it was a Friday AND I was called to substitute teach for the first time in this school district. Not to fear though – the math teacher left me a photo seating chart and an entertaining math movie. Mr. M made the evening special with a pizza dinner and chocolate sheet cake both of which he prepared from scratch. Delicious.

I then headed off to visit my family during their Thanksgiving break. Mr. M couldn't get away until school got out, but I was able to get a few extra days with everyone. Lots of talking and long walks and good home cooked (and baked!) food. Being one to draw out the festivities, I managed to get a second birthday celebration - spanakopita, Greek salad and Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte for dessert. For my family, a great deal of life revolves around cooking and eating. The food might be fancy or simple, traditional or exotic, healthy or indulgent, but it is always wholesome and made with love. I look forward to getting to pick the menu for my birthday meal. Contemplating all the possibilities is part of the fun!

Of course, some birthday cash was spent on bundles of fibery goodness (Shetland, Gotland, Wensleydale, BFL, Rambouillet) that I am certain will make individual appearances on the blog later on. Perhaps after my dye kit comes?

While at my mother’s house I communed with the cats. This blog is sadly deficient when it comes to kitty snapshots, but I couldn't ask Mr. M to forgo breathing when I married him… so the little allergen bombs can’t live with us. Aren't they cute though?

This one is aloof...

After our return home there was more substitute teaching, followed in short order by a natural disaster. We were without power two days but our little neighborhood escaped relatively unscathed. Our friends with a fireplace and a propane stove took us in and we spent several delightful evenings with them holed up chatting and reading. When we did venture inland a bit we saw this…

Can you make out the mudslide and downed tree?

With all that it really is amazing how quickly they have been able to restore power and clear the roads.

Still there? Well, here is one of my current projects…

These are the gloves I promised my brother last Christmas. Shameful really, but I have an awful time once I know it’s not a surprise. I hope they fit.

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