Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dogwoods For Mom

Spring is much more lush and complex here than I remember it ever being before. I was quite curious about the Dogwood trees before they bloomed. The buds look like little grey buttons and one would never imagine what they were about to become.

Right before they bloom they look like paper lanterns, or some mysterious origami.

They come in several colors... a bright white, blushing white (above), a white tinted with a spring green, and several shades of pink. I didn't quite get them all on my walk today.

I couldn't resist the "wrong" side either.

I think this is the best picture. I am teaching haiku right now and this struck me as a quintessentially haiku moment... the floating white petals, the peeling picket fence... I might have to see if I can actually do something with it. The lilacs are coming next... ah, the smell of spring.

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