Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It just hit me this week that I might only have a few weeks before the baby comes. Or I might have a month and a half. But there is no way to know. We don't have basic baby clothes, or the crib set up, or diapers (or a decision on cloth vs. disposables). And I don't want to fill the house up with junk OR be unprepared, which means I need to think about how this all will work.

At the same time I want to finish all the spinning and knitting and home decorating projects that I wanted to do in the next five years RIGHT NOW because I am afraid that I won't get to do any of these things for the foreseeable future. Silly I know... I know lots of people who've had kids and been able to continue doing things they love. Some have done those things with their children, and some have found that these things have returned after a season. But I've promised people some handmade knits, and there are a few things I want to make for myself... and there are cute babies coming that will need to be snuggled in knitted sweaters.

The physical changes make it difficult to sleep, which is making the physical and mental work of adjusting just that much harder.

So I'm a bit of a nesting loose cannon right now.

I might decide to buy 13lbs of apples at the grocery store for applesauce.

crusty pie

I might decide to make a pie, but make two when I cut up too many apples.


I might order a pile of gorgeous yarn that I won't have time to knit.

fall fiber

I might buy big heaps of fiber I don't have time to spin.

And photograph it.


Hilary said...

That's pretty funny. We have a bit longer than you, but also have virtually nothing for the baby. (1 outfit, a pair of socks and some awesome baby blankets from Jane.) I understand about the not wanting to fill with junk, so you can just get what you'll really need for the beginning, and add to it what you know you will use after the babe comes.


Anonymous said...

All that baby REALLY needs is a loving mama and papa, and she's already got it. Some diapers and a car seat might be nice too, but the hospital should give you a few diapers to get started and Ben can just carry you two home from the hospital if you don't have a car seat by then, right? ;)