Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loving Right Now

Each season of life has its blessing, and its fun little rabbit trails of interest... right now I'm daydreaming about the end of school (no more math prep, no more worksheets) and ready for a change of seasons. In the spirit of carefree summer days, here are some of the things I'm enjoying right now...

summer toes

Painted toenails (with or without flip-flops)

home pickles

Home-made pickles. For me this is one of those refreshing summer tastes. I use these on my salad and the juice makes a great dressing.

summer fabric stash

Patchwork skirts (I made an inspiration gallery on flickr if you want to check it out). It is finally almost warm enough to wear skirts, and I'm keeping myself going with a vision of a light, full, funky patchwork skirt in aqua, citron and olive. Totally not what the fashion experts advise, but a woman who has been wearing the same 3% of her wardrobe for months cannot be reasoned with. If you're wondering, these fabrics are by Laura Gunn.

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quiltaholic said...

Love, Love, LOVE the patchwork skirts!