Friday, March 19, 2010

Purse Dilemma

My old purse was purchased about 5 years ago and is starting to show its age.

I think I just heard my very fashionable sister sigh, and we can all pause to recognize that five years ago was about 1/3 of her life... anyway, yes, I am an old stick-in-the mud with an unfashionable purse. But now you can rescue me, if not from my fashion sense, at least from having a decrepit everyday accessory... I've been looking for months, and here's what I've got:

Pros: Purse very much like my current one. Small, can be worn across the body with a strap. It even comes in some other colors.

Cons: Boring. I've had a purse like this for 5 years.

See the etsy listing here.

Pros: This one is also small, but has only a short strap. I like the pleats.

Cons: Might find it a pain to carry around when grocery shopping.

Listed here.

Pros: This one I really love the style of.

Cons: I'm concerned that it is too big for me to use comfortably. Would I adjust to a purse 4x the size? Would it make my arm hurt? Would I feel stupid if my purse was cooler than the rest of my wardrobe? What will I do if I have one black purse and want to wear brown shoes?

Listed here.

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thebeloved said...

I'd say go for the first one in bright red. That way it is practical while still being exciting and new. Plus, red will go with brown or black. But I have a fetish for red accessories... so I'm a bit biased. =)