Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm the sort of person who writes things on the to-do list, after I've done them, just so I can cross them off. But you knew that. Anyway, guess what I got finished today?

tiny purse

No, I didn't think that you would guess a miniature bead purse from 1999 (1996?). Actually, I had 4 of these finished and waiting for handles. Seems silly that after stringing a zillion tiny beads and knitting a purse on 000 zero needles I would be so loath to take the 10 minutes to twist a handle. Sometimes a project just ends that way waits for a return of crafting will.

The other purses will not be appearing on the blog because a) I am too lazy to learn how to set the aperture/ISO/flash settings on my camera when there is no sunshine b) there was no sunshine c) the purses had to be sent ASAP as Christmas gifts (you know, after 10 years of sitting in my closet).

This beige and green one was the only one I knit for myself during my tiny bead knitting binge and I have renewed respect for my teenage self. I may have worn cargo pants, t-shirts and tennis shoes, but I knit killer sparkly miniature purses...

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