Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Thoughts, part II

I enjoy trolling for treasures at thrift shops and yard sales. You just never know what you will find, although "I'll know it when I see it" is a rather dangerous shopping motto if one wants an uncluttered home. In the end, I take my fair share of stuff to the thrift shop too, which seems a bit silly. But my tastes change, and thrifting is inexpensive entertainment at least. In thinking of my finds over the years... the glowing olive green 50's cocktail dress (yep, still have it) the red leather Italian shoes (don't get jealous, they're flats) and the somewhat Asian looking set of flower shaped bowls (just right for ice-cream) one thing stood out as THE find...

... the 1940 edition of The Oxford Book of English Verse. I found this at the church thrift shop sometime in my teens. When I got it home I went through it page by page and read whatever looked interesting for as long as it looked interesting. There are poets in here who are probably not read anymore. A couple of the ones I marked: Sir John Suckling (Out upon it, I have loved/ three whole days together!/ And am like to love three more,/ if it prove fair weather./ Time shall moult away his wings/ Ere he shall discover/ In the whole wide world again/ such a constant lover.) and Edward Thurlow (Dark, deep and cold the current flows/ Unto the sea where no wind blows,/ Seeking the land which no one knows.)

More recently I have found some wonderful children's story and song books. The vintage illustrations are so sweet. Above is an illustration for an excerpt of David Copperfield. Start 'em young!

Last, one of my current favorites. I can't say I would be sorry if winter ended soon, but if it doesn't at least I can look forward to wearing this :)

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