Friday, November 9, 2007

Red Sky In Morning

... sailors take warning.

I snapped this shot some weeks ago when we had an eerie, red sunrise. The light was so strange, almost purple. Why does this picture come to mind? Perhaps because red mornings supposedly predict an impending storm. Our forecast here is for three days of poor weather. Sounds like it will be an inside weekend. Perhaps it is also because I feel the need to listen to another warning. Yesterday I had a lovely, crafty day. Spend two hours knitting, went to the weekly spin-in (1.5 hours) and then spent the evening prepping some very dirty alpaca fiber. By bedtime, my hands and wrists were hurting. Today I am holding off on all the spinning and knitting (Christmas presents!) I would love to be doing to try to give my hands a break. I probably shouldn't even be typing this. I really don't want to have carpal tunnel problems. Spinners have any suggestions for me? Maybe I will try to not bend the wrist of my back hand so sharply when drafting... knitting has never given me this tingly, persistent pain.

In honor of Friday I give you a picture of a luscious scarf kit my MIL brought back from New Zealand for me. I seem to be in one of my green moods again. Be patient little scarf, your time will come.

Thank you all for your advice and encouragement on the seafoam project. I think the concept is something that I will revisit, this time around the edging just didn't work. Sorry that your comments did not appear immediately, I was playing with the settings on the blog because I wanted to delete a comment (no worries, nothing bad, just something out of place). From now on your words should go right to print.

Have a great weekend!


loribird said...

Wow, yes, please stop putting your wrists at weird angles. I did that when I was first learning, on a drop spindle, and had to stop when I got scared of the painful pins and tinglies I was getting... I read somewhere that it is best to keep one's hands as parallel to the arm as possible (aka, no bend in the wrist.) When I spin on my wheel, I often hold my fiber-hand palm up to help relieve the stress.
Luckily, you've probably just strained your wrists; carpel tunnel is very unlikely in such a short period of time.
Hope you feel better soon so you can get back to it!

The colors of that scarf kit are great! And your photo is lovely as well.

Octopus Knits said...

The scarf kit yarns are very pretty! Do be careful with your hands and wrists... take head of the red sky, so to speak : )