Friday, September 14, 2007

Easy As Pie

Huckleberry & blackberry - my signature pie... wait, is that pretentious?

I've always wondered about the saying "as easy as pie." Did the coiner of the phrase remember what it was like to learn to make pie? Simple - yes. Easy? No. I remember when I was first learning to make pie solo (ie without Mom). The crust in the helpful Better Homes and Gardens book looked as supple and smooth as Angelina Jolie's skin. My crust reminded me of Frankenstein's monster. It was impossible to transfer the thing to the dish in one piece.
I tried a floured towel. I tried a different kind of rolling pin. I tried a different a different recipe.

Like many things in life though, learning to make pie wasn't about finding a certain trick. It was about practising and learning how the process works.

A kind woman in the local spinning guild has loaned me her Ashford Traditional

Until now I've been putting the perfectionist on hold when it comes to spinning, but all of a sudden I want 200 yards of fluffy, worsted weight yarn. Now. The desire to turn my beloved fiber stash into only really amazing things has also been holding me back... So I hereby resolve to just play with the wheel this weekend and quite worrying.

Remember how I couldn't get going on a lace shawl earlier this year? This new WIP is proving that I can knit from a chart!

So maybe this spinning thing isn't too pie in the sky (forgive me).

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loribird said...

YUM! (that would be for the pie and the spinning both.)

Octopus Knits said...

Oh, that pie looks spectacular!

The spinning looks fun! Definitely "play" with the wheel. I figure, the more experience you have playing, the better able you'll be to produce awesome yarn of whatever type you're imagining.

The lace looks lovely, too! I may have missed this, but what is it?