Wednesday, June 13, 2007


v. the act of blogging about a backlog of events, projects and ideas that one has previously been unable or unwilling to post about. A common cause of long, disjointed blog entries.

Well, you've been warned ;) Here it goes!

My grandparents, my mother and my sister came to visit us last week. We had a lovely time discussing literature, eating local delicacies like onion sausage (note to self: must get a photograph of "onion world" sometime) and cruising the local wineries (yours truly= designated driver). There was lots of talking, and eating and some long walks in the park next to the aviary. Ahh, I enjoy my family so much! I went into a bit of withdrawal when they left.

Of course my grandmother (whose impeccable taste I have blogged about before) went with me to the LYS while she was here. She wanted to see the Habu textiles display I was raving about.

This is not apparently yarn - it is is roving. If I was a real fiber connoisseur, I would know all the implications of this lack of twist. Do you think it would like to be a lace shawl? I'm hoping so.

I thought these two would make a nice scarf, but when I got home I noticed that the mohair had shed all over the wool wrapped steel. Mohair is so seductive... there's just something about the halo. But if I'm going to spend a million years knitting a scarf out of thread, it had better be something very wearable. For me, sheddy is a deal-breaker. I have since exchanged the mohair for more wool wrapped steel in "mocha."

In other crafting news, my recent perusal of Etsy has left me looking for interesting fabrics like these. JoAnn's wasn't cutting it, so I stopped at my local quilting shop (LQS?) for the first time. That might have been a mistake. The fat quarters above may turn into a summer bag, and if the budget recovers sometime in the near future I may have to go back and get that cute cherry blossom print for a skirt...

On the home front:

In an attempt to make up to my husband for fixing him tofu for dinner, I also made him these

Drop biscuits from The Joy of Cooking (pg 633 in my 1975 edition). I make biscuits much more often now that I discovered that I don't have to roll and cut them.

And his absolute favorite (from scratch with fresh lemons):

Somebody must love that boy :)

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Octopus Knits said...

Mmmmm... lemon meringue pie, and biscuits, and pretty fabric, and yarn!